Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma

NATIVE YOUTH MULTIMEDIA WORKSHOP – Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma June 15th – June 20th, 2016, the Native Youth Multimedia Workshop initiated its second workshop of the year with the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Several youth worked on numerous projects about their upcoming pow wow, their tribal horse reserve, eagle aviary, animation and history documentary. The… Read more »


DAY TWO of THE NATIVE AMERICAN TV WRITERS LAB. Television Writer Ryan Harris (Chicago Fire, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia) spoke with eight Native American writers about his path in the industry. Sponsored by NBCUniversal, CBS Entertainment Diversity, FOX Audience Strategy, and HBO The NATIVE AMERICAN TV WRITERS LAB is an intensive scriptwriters workshop that… Read more »

2016 Native American TV Writers Lab – Day One

On the 1st day Native Writers pitched their new script ideas to the group and received feedback. Sponsored by NBCUniversal, CBS Entertainment Diversity, FOX Audience Strategy, and HBO The NATIVE AMERICAN TV WRITERS LAB is an intensive scriptwriters workshop that prepares Native Americans for writing careers at major television networks. This lab is designed to… Read more »


Taarkus is an upcoming doom rock band from Los Angeles. The six member group features Stephanie Sallee (member, Washoe Tribe of NV & CA) – vocals, flute; Emma Maatman – organ, backup vocals; Zak Esparza – lead guitar; Greg Howell – guitar; Anthony B. Tetrow – bass; and Rick Mendoza (Chumash descendant) – drums. Taarkus’… Read more »


Blackkiss was born back in 2004 when I bought my first guitar with a black pearl finish just like Johnny Cash’s old SE Martin dreadnaught. The name actually came from a revelation from an old Chilean woman who told me, “You’re like the Sun and Moon at the same time. You are the light and… Read more »

Raye Zaragoza

Raye Zaragoza is a Native-American/Mexican/Taiwanese singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Manhattan, New York.  At the age of fourteen, she moved across the country to Los Angeles and has since continuously been on the move touring and sharing her music with people of all walks of life.  She has performed in more than fifteen… Read more »

Carlee Malemute

When Carlee Malemute (Athabascan) was fourteen, she convinced her Alaskan boarding school roommates to recreate ceremonies from The Craft in an effort to gain supernatural abilities. Though she was unsuccessful in her attempt, she’s never stopped trying to find ways to give cool powers to her characters. Between school, growing up in a Native village of 500, and her mother taking… Read more »

Jason Levinson

Jason Levinson (Northern Cherokee Nation of Missouri and Arkansas) is an emerging TV writer focused on stories about character’s struggling with an identity crisis. He was selected as a writer for the NBC Diversity Showcase, has been a second-rounder at the Austin Film Festival Hour Long Drama and Feature Length Screenplay competitions, a Nichol’s fellowship… Read more »

Khadijah Holgate

Khadijah Holgate (Nipmuc) was born in Boston, Massachusetts with an undeniable love for all things horror, drama, or thriller. In between attending the yearly and beloved pow-wows with her enormous family of nine aunts, two uncles, and a lump sum of cousins, Khadijah always found time to write creative stories as a child. Little did she… Read more »

Tom Hanada

Tom Hanada (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) recently completed the Universal Studios Emerging Writers Fellowship, an intensive, year-long paid fellowship where he developed original scripts for Universal Studios, while also providing notes and feedback on current Universal projects, all under the guidance and mentorship of studio executives. Born and raised in Portland, OR, Tom moved to Los… Read more »