2021 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

In 2021, we hosted several online workshops for filmmaking, animation and anime. Throughout the year, we collaborated with Seven Generations at United American Indian Involvement in Los Angeles. In February, we conducted a Native Youth Anime Workshop that taught 3-D animation software and drawing software. Native youth learned about anime and developed their own anime… Read more »

2016 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

2016 was a huge year as we worked with eight tribes, tribal organizations and travelled back to Morocco! Native and indigenous youth produced several films, documentaries and more that were showcased at our annual film festival. In June, we expanded our outreach to Oklahoma and collaborated with the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Iowa youth produced… Read more »

2015 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

In 2015, we expanded our workshop to include new tribes and tribal organizations. We partnered with the Morongo Tribal TANF in San Bernardino, CA and the Pauma Band of Luiseno Indians in San Diego, CA. We also continued our partnership with the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay and conducted another film workshop. Morongo Tribal TANF was… Read more »

2014 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

 In 2014, we expanded our workshop to the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay, the Pala Band of Mission Indians, and the Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley. The youth produced over fifty films that ranged from drama to comedy to documentary. In July, Native youth from the Pala Band of Mission Indians produced several… Read more »

2013 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

In 2013, the Native Youth Media and Tech Workshop collaborated with United National Indian Tribal Youth. We worked with several Native youth from around the country to provide a film workshop. Participants worked with film equipment to produce a short piece about their annual youth conference: In October, we travelled to the Colorado River Indian… Read more »

2012 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

In 2012, the Native Youth Media and Tech Workshop launched its international outreach program! We partnered with the US Embassy and worked with the Amazigh people in Morocco. The Amazigh people of Northern Africa invited us teach our film workshop to their community during their week long festival. We provided three workshops with their film… Read more »

2011 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

In 2011, our youth media workshop returned to Oklahoma and conducted a program at the Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma. Dozens of youth participated and produced several films about the history of the Tonkawa people, a stop motion animation piece and a hilarious comedy about frybread! Check out production pics below: The Sac and Fox Nation… Read more »

2010 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

In 2010, we expanded our outreach and traveled to tribes in Oklahoma, Arizona and California. Each tribe produced incredible films that shared genuine insight into their community, their history and their issues effecting them the most. In June, we partnered with the Ponca Tribe in White Eagle, Oklahoma and worked with several youth on numerous… Read more »

16th Annual LA SKINS FEST

“As media and tech merge to expand creative content, the LA SKINS FEST continues to champion and launch the careers of Native content creators.” Announced Patricia Gomes, festival director. ”Since 2007, this festival has showcased some of the best talent in Indian Country and has a tradition of discovering new indigenous filmmakers.” The LA SKINS… Read more »

2009 Native Youth Media and Tech Workshops

Since 2009, we have taught film workshops to youth at reservations and Native American urban centers throughout the United States and Canada. The participating youth learn about writing, directing, shooting and editing their own movies.  Equally important, the youth present these films to their tribal communities and speak before an audience. In 2009, we collaborated… Read more »