On November 14th, 2015, the LA SKINS FEST premiered IN CIRCLES, preceded by the short film PRO ANA for our Saturday Night Movie. Filmmakers for both films attended the screening and participated in a Q&A with the Los Angeles Native community. Special thanks to NBCUniversal, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, CBS, HBO, Sony Pictures,… Read more »

Short Narrative and Documentary Series – 9th Annual LA SKINS FEST

On Saturday November 14th, 2015, the LA SKINS FEST screened several great documentaries and short films during our afternoon and evening programs. Filmmakers Benalex Dupris, Doreen Manuel, Boise Esquerra, Terry Jones, Adam Reeser, Jim Warne, and several others spoke with the audience during the Q&A following their screening. Special thanks to NBCUniversal, San Manuel Band… Read more »

Youth Multimedia Film Program

On Saturday November 14th, 2015, the LA SKINS FEST screened films from our summer youth multimedia program. Every summer, we travel to Native communities and train youth in multimedia. The participating youth produce several films that range from documentary to comedy to animation. Youth from the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay presented their films from the… Read more »


On Saturday November 14th, Native American youth from Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and New Mexico participated in a film workshop. The youth collaborated on a short film instructed by actor Noah Watts. They acted out scenes, operated camera and sound, directed each other and worked together throughout the day. Great job! See you again… Read more »


On Friday November 13th, 2015, the LA SKINS FEST opened the film festival with the Horror Film Wind Walkers and the award winning short #Nightslikethese. Director Russell Friedenberg, Producers Heather Rae and Dori Sperko, and actors Rudy Youngblood and Tsulan Cooper joined the Q&A to discuss the making of Wind Walkers. Director Amber Midthunder also… Read more »

Industry Panel for Native American Actors

On Thursday November 12th, the 9th Annual LA SKINS FEST hosted an industry panel for Native American Actors. NBCUniversal casting personnel and independent casting directors discussed the professional side of acting in film and television. Native American actors inquired about new opportunities for diverse actors, what they can do to take advantage of them and… Read more »

Skins Writers Workshop

On Wednesday November 11th 2015, Native American writers participated in an intensive workshop sponsored by NBC,  ABC, CBS, BET, HBO and Sony Pictures. Native writers received guidance on pitching their projects from BET development executive, Donna Michelle Anderson, and then pitched to NBC, CBS, ABC, managers, agents, and independent producers. Film Independent joined the writers for dinner… Read more »

Native Youth Media Tour

On November 13th, 2015, the LA SKINS FEST conducted its annual studio and network tour for Native Youth. In the morning, youth and tribal councilmen from the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay went on a walking tour of the historic Culver Studios, visited sound stages, and walked on the set of the LAST SHIP (TNT/Michael Bay)…. Read more »


SKINS WRITERS GROUP takes place Saturday December 12th.2015 at CBS STUDIOS The SKINS WRITERS GROUP is a monthly literary gathering that offers genuine career building opportunities to Native Americans. For more information or to participate, please email

August 2015 Skins Writers Group

SKINS WRITERS GROUP continued August 29th, 2015 at CBS STUDIOS in Studio City, California. Thanks to the writers Jeanette Harrison and Joseph Montague III for their great scripts. And thanks to the actors Adam Reeser, Rainy Fields, Paige Sturges, Ross Crain, Nicole Starrett, Noah Watts, Matthew Stumphy, Carolina Hoyos, andShishonia Livingston for their awesome talents…. Read more »