Native American Unscripted Program

The NATIVE AMERICAN UNSCRIPTED program provides access and genuine opportunities for Native Americans with projects in the non-fiction media space. The Unscripted Workshop and Unscripted Panel offer numerous outlets for learning about the industry and developing a television or feature film project.

    “We have a talented community in need of exposure, access, and opportunity. These endeavors will get more Native American voices in front of the right people who can develop their non-fiction projects and build their unscripted careers.” stated Ian Skorodin (Choctaw), Director of Strategy; Native American Media Alliance.

The Unscripted Panel is an information event for Native American filmmakers, documentarians, journalists, and producers. The panel features creative executives from numerous unscripted entities to provide insight into breaking into the unscripted arena, pitching projects and how they located new talent for their slate of films and television series. Check out our Unscripted Panel here!

The Unscripted Workshop selects participants for a five day intensive that has them meet with executives from numerous networks and studios as well as experienced unscripted producers. The workshop consists of group discussions and creative seminars that will culminate in a pitch panel at the conclusion of the workshop. Each selected participant will pitch a panel of creative executives and independent producers to spotlight their respective projects and unique voices. Check out the Unscripted Workshop fellows here!