Thursday November 16th — The SAG-AFTRA National Native Americans Committee as part of LA Skins Fest hosted a panel called The Business of Acting:  The Landscape of Native American Casting– a free casting panel and interactive workshop.

This casting panel and workshop was dedicated to Native American actors seeking to gain insight into auditioning, performing and maintaining their acting career. The panel’s discussion featured casting personnel from Universal Television and Fox as well as Casting Society of America vp Russell Boast.

“This was a great workshop and panel that offered incredible advice and professional consultation to Natives who want to act. The audition workshop portion was fun and really gave Natives an opportunity to be seen by real casting personnel” – Roger Boyer; 2017 LA SKINS FEST Filmmaker.

The event included a workshop portion that offered an opportunity to participate in mock auditions with immediate feedback from the casting directors and actors. Casting members included: Beth Klein (Executive VP, Talent and Casting, Universal Television), Russell Boast (VP, Casting Society of America), Allycia Atania, (Manager of Casting, Fox) and actor Jason Grasl (National Native Americans Committee member).


The NATIVE ACTORS AUDITION WORKSHOP’s overall goal is to offer new opportunities to the Native American community. The workshop will offer new information vital to auditioning in the ever-changing media landscape with marketing video service, give our community fresh opportunities to generate new partnerships and access to networking collaborations. In addition, the Native American population can learn from the experience and bring the same programs and innovations to their community.

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