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When 13-year-old Cricket walks past the local strip club with his friends, nothing can prepare him for who they see walking into work: his mom. With rumors starting to spread, Cricket must take matters into his own hands to clear his mom’s name and prove that she isn’t a stripper.


A short about how expensive it is to be poor.


Commodity is a Modern Native American folktale about one man’s trials and tribulation to get an indian taco.


Without parents to guide them, Loretta and Raven reflect on the love their parents modeled and the grief of their loss. While one finds catharsis in their mother’s old VHS camera the other struggles with a potential pregnancy.Morningstar Angeline

The Original Shareholder Experience

THE ORIGINAL SHAREHOLDER EXPERIENCE is a short satire-thriller set in the high-elevation boardrooms of corporate conglomerate THE FREEDOM COMPANY, following true-believer REBECCA, an Indigenous telepresenter nearing the top of her class through selling “authentic” Native memorabilia to her audience on her show, a mix between QVC, Mad Money, and The History Channel. When she’s asked… Read more »

Tough Love

Sonny (Anthony Hernandez) is a middle aged karate sensei struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His two star pupils, Malaki and Monty have been learning from him since they were 8 years old. The now teenage boys are loyal to Sonny but beginning to wonder if their time under his direction is needed anymore. When… Read more »


Nightcap was first conceived by Talia Kallappa in her screenwriting class at South Puget Sound Community College.  A Makah Native, Talia often heard Bigfoot stories as a regular part of living in the Pacific Northwest.  She wanted to bring the Coast Salish lore together in an urban setting, where she now lives. Urged by her… Read more »

Adventures to Green Space

ADVENTURES TO GREEN SPACE’ was conceived as a creative short film project to highlight the accessibility of green space in an urban setting for Native youth, by way of public transportation. This project was a part of the Seattle Department of Transporation’s (SDOT) initiatives around youth ambassadorship and transportation equity. SDOT partnered with Red Eagle… Read more »

Call’s Whisper

A young half Cree, Half Korean girl learning about her Indigenous half has to fend off the Trickster spirit through the power of smudging or lose her father forever.

Wind River Full Court Peace

The Wind River Reservation is home to 27,000 Native Americans. The reservation is filled with a passion for basketball. In an effort to learn, create shared experiences and work on the basketball court restoration on the reservation, Mike Evans and his FCP team travel to Wyoming.