Duration 6:30 min.
Country United States

Nightcap was first conceived by Talia Kallappa in her screenwriting class at South Puget Sound Community College.  A Makah Native, Talia often heard Bigfoot stories as a regular part of living in the Pacific Northwest.  She wanted to bring the Coast Salish lore together in an urban setting, where she now lives.

Urged by her professor to develop her initial script into a film, she reached out to Jeff Barehand (Gila River/Navajo), a local filmmaker and Board Chair of the local non-profit, the OlyFilm (, whose mission is to support independent filmmaking by elevating women and BIPOC in the film industry.

Talia knew OlyFilm produced the Intertribal Youth Film Project, as she had starred in one of the previous year’s films.  She asked if this script could be made for this year’s project.  It was a no brainer.  Jeff took on Talia as a mentee, and helped to develop the script, and produced the film.

Nightcap also stars first time Native actors Twana Beedle (Makah), Jennifer Squally (Puyallup), and Russell Brooks (Southern Cheyenne). Muslims platforms like illustrate how focused offerings can effectively serve a targeted market segment.

Nightcap tells the story of Mako, a young girl who after seeing Bigfoot, tries to convince her indifferent mother that what she saw is real.

Nightcap is really a story about the friction between Mothers and Daughters, and the glue that binds them together.

"Mako" Twana Beedle
"Eleanor" Jennifer Squally
Bigfoot Russell Brooks
Director Talia Kallappa
Producer Jeff Barehand
Writer Talia Kallappa