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The 8th Annual LA SKINS MUSIC FEST took place August 4th, 2018 at Sycamore Grove Park in Los Angeles. The music fest featured rock, jazz, pop and blues. Hosted by the multi-talented Jim Ruel. This year’s performers were: ETHAN STONE, GRIMLY, LACAT, SYNAPSE & RENISHA CLARA, KOBE PROVOST, TASH and CAROLINA HOYOS. Thank you Native musicians… Read more »

Synapse and Renisha Clara

Alton Lizer and Renisha Clara Lizer, better known as Synapse and Renisha Clara are a Hip Hop father/daughter duo of the Dine’ Nation who promote, foster and perpetuate the philosophies of Hip Hop culture. The duo motivate communities to express their inner voices moved by freedom of thought and tell inexpressible stories through raps by touching base… Read more »