Film Category: 2021

Candyface II – A Rocky Road

The long awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed cult classic Candyface. Candyface and her gang of Candypunks rally together to try to defeat the Candyfather in an epic battle for street notoriety. The answer to who is the most powerful Candylord is finally revealed after an ultimate showdown & fight for reign.


In the year 3050, the Little One and a group of kids are separated from their parents and sent to live on a train that orbits outer space. There they don’t age and must keep emotionally balanced through dance in order to keep the train fueled up. When the Little One goes missing without a… Read more »


“808” is an emotional rollercoaster of a film which has won the “Best Thriller Short” award in the Marina Del Rey film Festival and Semi-Finalist in both the Burbank International Film Festival and the Colorado Activist Film Festival. The Hawaiian culture, land, and its exploitation resonate throughout the story as Kai, a lonely Hawaiian woman,… Read more »

Wal-aks: Coming Out as 2-Spirit

Wal-aks Keane talking about their identity as a two-spirit Nisga’a person and leading Nisga’a Cultural Dance Groups. They came out in 2004 and started identifying as two-spirit around 2014/2015.

A1-S2: Scene from Hamlet

Hamlet heads home after learning of his mother’s remarriage. Hamlet is re-imagined as a contemporary crime story, with a full-Native American cast.

Archival Odyssey

An experimental film that utilizes archival materials to twist the arm of the historical timelines of Pueblo accounts in New Mexico. By changing the point of view with the use of archival materials, this story uses a mix of spoken word, contemporary film and other mediums to illustrate a personal connection to history and the… Read more »


After seeing her aunt come home battered and scared, Rose Home Gun is sent out into the wilds surrounding their small home on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Her task? To collect the bulb of the white camas. Seemingly simple, Rose is unknowingly sent out to collect death camas to be used against her aunt’s abuser…. Read more »

Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot is a sci-fi/action comedy that follows Tover, a teenager on the frontlines battling a future alien invasion. However, it’s not the aliens that terrify Tover. It’s the idea of asking out his crush, fellow soldier Savoy!


Tank, a natural artist who is always drawing, runs into trouble with the law with his gang of friends. Tank is convicted, jailed, and subjected to solitary confinement and intense brutality. His art allows him to escape his terrible conditions. He discovers his own native spirituality while in jail, and through his art, finds a… Read more »

My First Native American Boyfriend

Johnny is Emily’s first Native American boyfriend, and now that they’ve been dating for a few months, she’s going to take this golden opportunity to apologize for every microaggression she has ever made against Native Americans.