Jim Ruel

Jim Ruel, Bay Mills Ojibwe, is comedian/filmmaker/writer/actor from Wisconsin. In 2004, he was chosen by the NBC’s Diversity Talent search to perform a standup comedy showcase in Hollywood which opened the door for his television appearances on Showtime, the BBC, Comedy Central, and PBS. He has written, performed, and produced a number of digital shorts that have appeared on Youtube, Buzzfeed, Funny or Die, and Channel101. Over the past five years he has worked as production coordinator of the Southern California Indian Center’s Intertribal Entertainment Program where he has produced multiple corporate videos and the feature film Four Quarters. He is a co-host of the Hollywood NDNz podcast. He recently founded a video production company, Frybread Productions, with Tim Ramos (Pomo). He currently resides in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and daughter.