Hi. I call myself LA CAt. The heritage I come from is a unique blend of Native American-meets-Hawaiian Island mysticism. The goal I hold in my heart is to inspire the audience to feel the connection within that WE ARE ALL ONE. One Race, One planet, One earth.

My musical intention is to sing songs that inspire others to feel their true inner self. It is my wish that this message will leave an imprint to return to our roots, harmonizing with all living things on Mother Earth, creating a happy world. Music is a way of life for me. I sing, write and play music for the Love of life. Being raised in Southern California, and have been lucky enough to spend much of my time in the hills of Malibu and the ocean, feeling the oneness with nature, I write my music influenced by the mystical experiences I have with nature.

The style I like to play is Reggae with a touch of Jazz, Folk, and World.​ My Hawaiian born father was a jazz musician. He trained my ear while taking me to school in the morning listening to Jazz on the car radio. My Auntie was a singing teacher so we sang a lot in our family. The birds were my first band members and I learned a lot from them. I played my guitar and we all sang together. I then begin to write original songs. From there my musical performances were clubs in Los Angeles to touring in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand working with great musicians and they also influenced the styles I write music in. I believe in education and have gone to school at Los Angeles Music Academy for vocals and percussion and am currently attending Santa Monica College to learn more about the piano. Also, with a BA in Fine Arts and Dance, I am continuing my education to receive certification in Animation and Visual Development with a goal to start my own internet business with the wonderful assistance of the Southern California Indian Center. And as a dancer, I love to dance on stage when I have the opportunity to put my guitar down.  I also teach dance in the styles of Modern, Jazz, Ballet, world and my own style.

I have three albums out, ‘We will Unite’, ‘Unconditional love’ and an acoustic album, ‘Path to Peace’.  My new album, ‘Circles of Life’, now in final mastering, involves three producers, Haitian music and Haitian Reggae with Maestro Johnny, Rootsy Reggae with Jawge Hughes and R&B/Hip-Hop with Brandon West. Additionally, I wrote a film score for, soon to be released, documentary, ‘War Brides Of Japan’.  For more Info go to adinfusion designs: