Taarkus is an upcoming doom rock band from Los Angeles. The six member group features Stephanie Sallee (member, Washoe Tribe of NV & CA) – vocals, flute; Emma Maatman – organ, backup vocals; Zak Esparza – lead guitar; Greg Howell – guitar; Anthony B. Tetrow – bass; and Rick Mendoza (Chumash descendant) – drums. Taarkus’ songs explore Native themes and beliefs as experienced by Sallee, who identifies as an urban NDN. Their first 7″ single, released in January 2016 on Rise Above Records, includes the tracks “Stones,” and “At Midnight,” which explore concepts of Native spirituality: accessing guidance from one’s ancestors and elders, and protecting self in a colonized world. Taarkus is honored and humbled to present at the 2016 LA Skins Music Fest, and hopes that all present will feel the power within the music, as well as within themselves. “Four directions mind the way, in balance we protect; the lives we live, the lives we lost, our spirit – we project.”