Duration 18:39 min.
Country USA

Somewhere in the city, Mason lures his boyfriend Kelly off his seat to dance, leading them to create a happy memory. Jump forward to present day, Kelly is attending a late AA meeting while Mason is drinking at a party, elsewhere in the city. Mason receives a phone call with some distressing news. Back at the AA meeting, Kelly listens to Mason’s voicemail, in which he claims to have been drugged and needs help. Kelly leaves the AA meeting to go find Mason despite it being late in the evening.

Yet, when Kelly locates Mason at the party, he finds him in an upstairs bedroom with another man, looking far from needing help. Kelly storms out of the party and onto the streets of the city, with Mason chasing after him. They argue yet Mason does appear to be a little out of it. Out of concern, Kelly takes Mason to a late night coffee shop, in attempts to sober him up. The pair stroll down memory lane over coffee. A little less angry though still concerned, Kelly decides Mason still cannot make it home on his own.

Kelly walks Mason back to his place, where they used to live together, to find an eviction notice posted on the door. Once inside, Kelly tries to provide comfort but Mason makes a horrific confession that not only is he HIV+ but he knew for a while back when they were together. The pair eventually fall asleep from mental exhaustion. The next morning, Mason finds an empty bed with Kelly nowhere to be found. After a brief search, Mason finds Kelly sitting in the backyard intoxicated. Emotional chaos ensues as Kelly blames Mason for everything. All Mason can do is wrap his arms around Kelly, who has reached his lowest point.

Tom Svaldi
Anthony Laurita
Director Stanley Bain
Producer Stanley Bain, Joshua Hunt, Luke Galves, Alicia Prieto
Writer Stanley Bain