Sangre De Cristo – The Trilogy of Terror

Sangre De Cristo – The Trilogy of Terror

Duration 18:21 min.
Country United States

Sangre De Cristo – The Trilogy Of Terror’ is a of a trio of distinctively different and very cool short animated horror stories from our award winning Sangre De Cristo vampire hunter universe. Each story also showcases the artistic design work of a different up-and-coming young female Thai animation artist.

‘The Inferno Of Blood’ starts the trilogy as 19th Century American gunfighter and vampire hunter Jack Corbin hunts down a 200 year old vampire in its lair. He is racing against time as once the sun goes down his chances of survival will shift from 50/50 to zero.

‘The Blood River Massacre’ finds gunfighter Jack Corbin teamed up with fellow vampire hunter the 700 year old Chinese martial arts expert Iron Lotus.

They are hunting down a band of outlaws to retrieve a stolen vessel containing enough vampire blood to sustain our two heroes for at least six months. However they do not realize that they too are being hunted by a day walking vampire.

Director Pasquale Encell, Steve Encell
Producer Pasquale Encell, Steve Encell
Writer Pasquale Encell, Steve Encell