Rude Girl

Rude Girl

Duration 19:58 min.
Country United States

Set in current day Albuquerque, OAKLYNN journeys on a magical realism rollercoaster ride through the harsh realities of the city and an Indian reservation. She is broken from internal doubts and self-identity as a teenager born into a Native American and Caucasian world. Her GRANDPA LEE, stern and in-tuned with his spiritual sense appears as a spirit and red-tailed hawk to guide her to become a superhero and connect to her spiritual side.

It is up to Oaklynn to visit her grandfather in the spiritual world, Summerland, to believe in herself and harness her rightful magical gifts of self-healing from wounds, the ability to look into the past and future and mixed martial arts.

Oaklynn falls in love with her sidekick, LEVI, African American, who dreams of having superpowers but relies on his comical wits, skill, and love for Oaklynn to help battle evil forces of the city.

Oaklynn Shawnee Pourier
Grandpa Lee David Midthunder
Levi Joshua Caleb Horton
Mackey Zachary Wade
Young Oaklynn Jayde Martinez
Director Joshua Zunie
Producer Joshua Zunie, Jhane Myers, Marisa Page, B.A. Carter, Adil El Arbi, and Bilall Fallah
Writer Joshua Zunie