Duration 10 min.
Country USA
Screenings Nov 14, 2015 8:00 pm

Pro-Ana, the film is a young woman’s journey ofrecovery and escape from the cult of pro-ana, whose adherents deify body dysmorphia and live by a strict doctrine of disordered eating. For this young woman, recovery means losing everyone she loves in order to rediscover herself.

Dylan meets with a pro-ana support group daily. The group shares tips, encouragement, acceptance, and – when necessary – discipline. But Dylan has begun to think she can turn their tips into a lifestyle that supports eating.

When Maggie, her counselor, detects Dylan’s distance, the group, together with Dylan’s live-in boyfriend Shannon, takes action to get Dylan back on the path to salvation through starvation.

Director Ward Roberts
Producer Shawn Kathryn Kane
Writer Shawn Kathryn Kane