Magic Madeleines

Magic Madeleines

Duration 23 min.
Country Canada

‘Life is only interesting when the dust of reality is sprinkled with magic.’  (Marcel Proust)

In this modern fairy tale, only an old lady and her secret recipe for magic madeleine cookies can save the city’s ravine and its ancient secret from the Big Bad Wolf condo builder and the grifting duo he sends to swindle her.

To fulfill a promise she made to her brother before he died, 80-year old Vivienne Bordeaux (Pam Hyatt) is on a quest to find and preserve the secret of an ancient Indigenous burial site they discovered as children.

When greedy real estate mogul, Simon LeLoup (Richard Zeppieri) sends two grifters (Sera-Lys McArthur and Alex Cruz) to trick Vivienne into selling the land, Vivienne unleashes her secret weapon — magic madeleine cookies that transform those who eat them into their truest selves.

Vivienne Bordeaux Pam Hyatt
Simon Leloup Richard Zeppieri
Perry Flores Alex Cruz
Sasha Radine Sera-Lys McArthur
Director Miriam Laurence
Producer Miriam Laurence, Alex Cruz, Laurence Gilman
Writer Miriam Laurence