Lloyd “Kiva” New: An American Entrepreneur

Lloyd “Kiva” New: An American Entrepreneur

Duration 23:00 min.
Country United States

A documentary short about Lloyd “Kiva” New, an American entrepreneur. The documentary focus is during on the years that established him as the first Indigenous fashion designer with the “Kiva” Brand and him as an indigenous entrepreneur.

The film will begins with the subject of Indigenous Fashion as a platform for education and conversation about the perspectives of “Indigeneity” in the world today. The conversation go into the individual who is considered the father of indigenous fashion, Lloyd “Kiva” New.
The documentary continues with interviews interlaced with archive photos and film footage of Lloyd New in Scottsdale, Arizona explaining his contribution to how he helped to expand the city and to pave the way for the city to be an art hub. The documentary leads into Lloyd’s “Kiva Brand” finishing with his importance to indigenous fashion design. The film will introduce Lloyd’s interests in indigenous education reform and the start of the Institute of American Indian Art.

The audience will take away with them from the documentary who Lloyd New was the contributions that he left the city of Scottsdale, Arizona which will include how his entrepreneurship employed many indigenous people, generated a local economy that changed the face of a small ranch town into an art hub, though his forward thinking and taste for fashion and clothing. The audience will also be introduced to Lloyd’s lifelong interest in education and indigenous education reform leading him to the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Narrator” Ryan Flahive
Key Cast Amber-Dawn Bear Robe
Key Cast Robert Black
Key Cast Dr. Robert Martin
Key Cast Joan Fudala
Director Nathaniel Fuentes
Producer Nathaniel Fuentes, Ryan Flahive
Writer Nathaniel Fuentes