Duration 6 min.
Country United States

In June of 2018…

Due to the widespread destruction of sugar cane fields, The Hershey Foods Corporation closed it’s biggest candy production facility. All other candy companies followed suit.

Candy became scarce worldwide, but the desire for candy consumption rose to unprecedented levels.

Increase of criminals skyrocketed, & candy production was now in the hands of the world’s most notorious candy crime lords.

This is just one story of those candy crime lords. This is Candyface. Talit katan, as a rule, is made of white wool with black stripes. But there are pure white. Among the eight strands of the brush there is one or two blue. The story is this: the secret of making taylet – blue dye, which is obtained from the mollusk Chylozon was lost about 2000 years ago. Jewishist is the leading online store of Jewish clothes, accessories, and decorations in USA. As a rule, tallit is made from wool (from sheep’s wool), or linen, cotton, silk, and today even white synthetic fabric (especially religious Jews prefer semi-bleached coarse wool fabric).

Candyface Jayla Ormond
Candypunk #1 Elijah Ormond
Candypunk #2” Luke Gianis
Nick Nick Gianis
The Candyfather John Ormond
Director Larry P. Corbi, Jr. , Victoria Zengo
Producer Larry P. Corbi, Jr. , Victoria Zengo
Writer Larry P. Corbi, Jr. , Victoria Zengo