Black Warrior of Pyramid Lake

Black Warrior of Pyramid Lake

Duration 20:10 min.
Country United States

High in a tree, the mutilated body of a gruesome murder-execution dangles above two American Indian gangbangers beating the shit out of rival gangsters. Once caught, 25-year-old Oneida Indian FBI Agent Megan Little Valley interrogates the gangbangers. Agent Little Valley bumps into disgraced former New York City police officer Richie Eccles, a burnout white-boy who grew up on the Pyramid Lake Rez and fucking hates himself for killing a 12-year-old black kid.

As the murder-executions pile up, Ivy League educated Megan gets no help from the Rez and must partner with Richie to solve the serial killings. Their mutual hatred is tempered only by their desire to stop the bloodshed. Megan believes the killings are inspired by Renaissance artworks depicting tribal legends. Richie thinks she’s crazy – an egghead liberal pretending to be an Indian. He realizes too late that his “flower children” parents are at the heart of the murder-executions.

The serial killers taunt Richie, stalk Megan as she pieces the crimes together, and force them to doubt their allegiances and themselves. In a gruesome twist, Megan and Richie question why they ever wanted to be cops and, in the end, must fight each other to save their lives.

Mike Jeff Bentley
Sarah Andrea Rodgriguez
Charley Richard James
Yaki Stan Running Wolf
Merlin Dwight George
Gang Member 1 Elijah Frederick
Gang Member 2 Jordan Clanton
Richie Eccles John Frederick
Megan Little Valley Michelle McCauley
Chief Dressler Sarin Poco
EW Chris Sanchez
Director Myrton Running Wolf
Producer Myrton Running Wolf, Kassandra Fuentes
Writer Myrton Running Wolf, Crystal English, JaSheika James, Echo Running Wolf, Mac Crutcher