Screening Category: 2p: Indigenous Collective Film Program

Lucky Man

Highs and lows, snapshot tragedy. A look into the life of a man on the edge. 

Unless You Have Been There

Kristen and Gabe share the same home yet live on opposite ends of security and oppression.


Mémère follows the story of a devoted grandson’s fluke opportunity to take his Grandmother on a trip down memory lane.


A two-spirit male cruises a hook-up app as he looks for companionship for the night. A welcomed familiar person invites him over as he contemplates his existence, the future and what it means to be who he is in this day in age.

Zombies Don’t Eat Stupid People

In a world with Zombies, a dysfunctional zombie control task force is the last line of defence. Let by the well-intentioned Captain Chris, his bumbling team is charged with investigating and containing zombie outbreaks.

The Tomahawk

An indigenous Canadian scout meets a young German soldier in the snowy forests of Europe during the Second World War.


Starbound is a short sci-fi/ family drama that explores the return of eight year old Billy Campbell after being abducted by aliens four years earlier.