Screening Category: 7p: SHORTS PROGRAM 2


How do you go on living when everything is taken from you in the blink of an eye? A young artist confronts his inner demons while apprenticing with a northwest totem carver after the death of his beloved.

Burning of the Gods

An airplane lands. A massive cruise boat anchors off the reef, disgorging tourists for tropical island vacations. This postcard paradise depends on petroleum imports to fuel its cars, motorbikes, boats, hotels, pumps and machinery. Yet if the tourists stopped coming, what then? The film opens with the prophetic words of Niuean artist John Pule and… Read more »

Two Worlds

A father and daughter search for their missing loved one on the Salt River Indian Reservation.


Set over the course of one evening, Parker and his boyfriend, Darren, find themselves detoured on their trip and going towards Parker’s late kokum’s cabin. The men make a disturbing discovery which creates tension within the pairs already unhealthy relationship. Shot in one continuous take, Terror/Forming, will show paranoia, anxiety and tension bubbling to the… Read more »


On a night out with friends, Jess briefly opens up about the grief she’s continuing to process in the aftermath of her grandfather’s death. She decides to go home early and while rummaging around in the kitchen for something to eat, startles her grandmother and the two share a sweet moment through food and song,… Read more »


An evening out takes a dramatic turn for two Indigenous women, Tina and Amber, when Amber is suddenly taken into police custody. Fearing the worst, Tina tails the cruiser outside city limits and makes a courageous choice to free her friend.

Not Afraid

After a blow-up during basketball practice, Olivia struggles to face a deeper devastating reality in rural Montana.

If I Ever Get Out of Here

After waking up alone in a forest and determined to find a way out, a young Native artist finds company in a mysterious voice on the other end of a walkie-talkie as she is tormented by an ominous hooded monster.

Work is Ceremony

A short dance film exploring the love of Rick Bartow and Julie Swan.