Screening Category: 7p - 10p: SHORTS PROGRAM 1


Raya loves makeup but her family does not. She’s torn between her secret dream of being a makeup artist and her family’s strict religious beliefs. In a nightmare, she receives a profound message from her Papua New Guinean ancestor who encourages her to look at her Indigenous culture for answers.


“Camping” follows the story of Emma, an African American working homeless mother, and her 7-year-old daughter Gia, who live in their van. Emma works as a rideshare driver and struggles to make ends meet. One night, they take on their most difficult passenger yet, Jen who threatens to report Emma for having Gia with her…. Read more »

Liberty of Jewels

Gilbert Etsitty, a financially strained Navajo father, works in Gallup, New Mexico as a clerk for Jeff’s Trading Post. He is tested by his employer, Jeff, who is a manipulative boss that forces Gilbert to gain autonomy for the survival of his daughter’s relationship.

River Bank (Pō-Kehgeh)

A Tewa woman struggles with guilt after stealing money from a local business. Her grandmother takes her to the River to remind her of Tewa values. The Tewa woman blesses herself with River water, and the River becomes her guide. Together, they give to the people.

Four Nights and a Fire

A young Ojibwe photographer stubbornly takes on the responsibility of keeping a sacred fire alive for four consecutive days and nights in mourning of his father. His father’s spirit tries to reach him from the other side.

Woman Who Blooms At Night

Eve, a young Native woman disconnected from her tribe, longs for more than the confines of her home and her abusive boyfriend, Sid. She decides to volunteer at her tribe’s cultural center, where she begins to find out who she truly is. With this, Eve realizes she is already full of power; She must now… Read more »