Screening Category: 4p: SHORT PROGRAM 3


When Victoria, a young and immature artist, assumes guardianship of her little sister after the death of their mother, she must fend off a mysterious creature during a CPS visit or risk losing her sister forever.


Stunning Hawai’i backdrops frame this touching drama about a Tongan brother and sister at rugby practice. Recovering from a recent injury and rejected from another University, Alofa is ready to give up. Meanwhile, her brother Malu races against time to encourage his sister and pass on valuable life lessons before it’s too late.

Dating Indian

Tara is happy she can finally bring a Native boyfriend home to her family, only to find out the night before that he’s not really Native.

Dear John

An indigenous woman pitches her song, “Dear John” for the live action Pocahontas.

Temperance (A Virtue)

Frank, a couple months sober, attends his friends going-away party.

Be Good, Stay Safe

An Indigenous college student who shows up at her best friend Molly’s house for a study session turned Halloween house party of which Lucille wasn’t aware. As she enters the house, Lucille sees the Deer Lady standing in the midst of the party, but she quickly vanishes. The Deer Lady warns Lucille of danger at… Read more »

Latina Book Club

A group of Latinas come together to create a space of their own only to find they discover more about themselves.

Nihtâwikihew / ᓂᐦᑖᐃᐧᑭᐦᐁᐤ / she gives birth

Sâkowêw is a young woman in a remote community who just wants to welcome her new baby safely into the world. She trusts Auntie Mary to honour her family’s traditions. When something goes wrong, she’s snatched from warmth and safety, and spirited away to a disorienting place she never wanted to go. Told from her… Read more »