Screening Category: 8P: Opening Night Screening

The 15th Annual LA SKINS FEST hosts a screening of talented alumni of our programs, labs and workshops. Proud to celebrate their many achievements!


Tank, a natural artist who is always drawing, runs into trouble with the law with his gang of friends. Tank is convicted, jailed, and subjected to solitary confinement and intense brutality. His art allows him to escape his terrible conditions. He discovers his own native spirituality while in jail, and through his art, finds a… Read more »

Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot is a sci-fi/action comedy that follows Tover, a teenager on the frontlines battling a future alien invasion. However, it’s not the aliens that terrify Tover. It’s the idea of asking out his crush, fellow soldier Savoy!


After seeing her aunt come home battered and scared, Rose Home Gun is sent out into the wilds surrounding their small home on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Her task? To collect the bulb of the white camas. Seemingly simple, Rose is unknowingly sent out to collect death camas to be used against her aunt’s abuser…. Read more »

My First Native American Boyfriend

Johnny is Emily’s first Native American boyfriend, and now that they’ve been dating for a few months, she’s going to take this golden opportunity to apologize for every microaggression she has ever made against Native Americans.


DELIVERY is a genre bending film about a Food Delivery driver, Charlie, who uses his job to fuel his hobby: serial killing. Using his customer base to find his next victim, we follow Charlie through his regular routine of finding and stalking his prey. However, his latest “customer”, Madison, turns out to be a tad… Read more »


Casey TwoBears is a Marine Corps veteran, ex-junkie, and former county inmate. While working as a janitor for a boxing gym, Casey volunteers be the sparring partner for the local “champ” in order to prove his worth as a warrior in the ring, but also to prove himself as the modern warrior that his daughter… Read more »


A captivating spoken word piece poetically displaying the historical traumas of Indigenous peoples through the lens of a Native American.

Your Name Isn’t English

As drivers struggle to pronounce her name, a Native American passenger offers history lessons from the backseat. Its a lesson in American history they won’t forget.