Screening Category: 8p - 10p: Friday Night Screening


A Native American family confronts the harsh reality of being split apart from their daughters.

Gently, Jennifer

When Jennifer and Madison sneak a peek at a porn collection, a model stirs a deep desire in Jennifer.

Running Shadow

A young Lakota woman dreams of running competitively outside the Reservation, but with broken shoes and no real track to practice on, her chances seem slim. Even with the best shoes, she’s haunted by the guilt that she couldn’t run fast enough to save her sister from suicide. Those traumatic memories stop her from running… Read more »


A small town girl escapes her abusive home in the hopes of something better than the life she and her mother have been trapped in. She heads for California where anything seems possible… but along the way discovers the world isn’t as welcoming as she had imagined. Her courage and will to survive are tested… Read more »

The Incredible Brown NDN

An ordinary Joe decides to become the world’s first Native Amerivsn superhero.


Blackwater follows the story of Birdie Blackwater. A washed up Native American country singer from the reservation who found stardom and fame at an early age. Now on her last leg career wise, and having burnt every bridge across America, Birdie finds herself alone and broke returning to her home land trying to cope with… Read more »


Two racist cops try to cover up killing an unarmed black teen. Things don’t go as planned…