Screening Category: 8p- 10p: Short Collections Program 2

The Exonetic Division

Cyberpunk gangs vs The Police. Blood will be spilled.

A Night Out

The story follows a slacker named Jared as he pressures his younger cousin Tommy to come with him to a Rez party. Jared sells it as a night out for the boys but really wants to run into his ex girlfriend, Nance. Life doesn’t stand still and the night doesn’t go as planned. It soon… Read more »

You Love Who You Love

A tragic love story about a relationship trying to overcome the distractions and obstacles of a fast life on the Yakama Indian Reservation.


Adam, a Stoney skateboarder who’s from the prairies, has been living on the unceded Coast Salish territories for some time now and feels a longing of home. To get out of his head, he goes to the skatepark. Joe, a Cree man also living on the coast, happens to come upon the skatepark that Adam… Read more »

Look Twice

A night surveillance security guard spots a trespasser on the property; then regrets grabbing their attention once he realizes the intruder is paranormal.