Screening Category: 8:30p: Native Women Filmmakers

Films that showcase Native female filmmakers in an experimental short film and feature length drama.


Grappling with the paralyzing effects of capitalization and colonialism, Ember finds herself struggling with her responsibility to the next seven generations. Raging against confinement and dispossession she finds her uncompromising power within societal imbalance. Poisoning the ever-hungry belly of corporatization, she explores themes of righteousness, balance, and ethics. Symbolizing the imperfections of society and Indigenous… Read more »

A Winter Love

Blue, a 35 year old, Navajo, singer-songwriter has lost her creative spark to a series of bad relationships and to the harsh Minneapolis winter. But when she meets a younger guy, Eddie, a 25 year-old, Lakota, law school dropout, she feels like she’s regained her edge only to find it slip away from her again… Read more »