Screening Category: 6P: Shorts Program 4


When most people think of Native Americans they usually think of the stereotypes that Hollywood has created from a Colonial perspective. Fortunately there’s an alternate universe where Native Americans have not only retained control of our lands but where a pair of Zuni film makers are casting for a special project. They need a “diversity… Read more »

Call me Snake

On a rainy night, Claire discovers why her high school crush Tony’s nickname is The Snake.

Rude Girl

Set in current day Albuquerque, OAKLYNN journeys on a magical realism rollercoaster ride through the harsh realities of the city and an Indian reservation. She is broken from internal doubts and self identity as a teenager born into a Native American and Caucasian world. Her GRANDPA LEE, stern and in-tuned with his spiritual sense appears… Read more »

The Fire

Colin & Marie are mourning the loss of their father/husband Bruce, but tonight he comes to visit Colin in a dream with an important message.


MisTik follows Cree twins who carry the last of the healthy trees on their backs in hopes of saving the world they once knew.


Rose is the story of a sixteen-year-old pregnant Indigenous girl, pulled from her community and placed in a church to be overseen in her last weeks of pregnancy. When she delivers her child, it will be taken from her and put into a Canadian home by decree of an Indian Agent, Angus O’Byrne. Rose harbours… Read more »

Ladies & Gentlemen

After a devastating breakup with his husband, Mike’s life seems like it’s over. But after an awkward olive branch from his ride-share driver, Mike decides to take a leap and enter a new world of insanity.