Screening Category: 6:30p: Short Documentaries 3

This program spotlights tribal voices under severe adversity. These stories discuss hardship within historical struggles, female identity and the recent pandemic.

5420 How the Colorado River Indian Tribes Tackled a Pandemic

As a pandemic swept the globe like never before in the modern world, the Colorado River Indian Tribes Council braced itself while hearing bad news from around the world. Headline after headline told the story of how bad it could get. This short documentary tells the story – for people today and into the far… Read more »

Ikhaiyana la chi (I Will Remember)

Produced by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. “Ikaiyana la chi” tells the unknown stories of the last Choctaw removal to Oklahoma in 1903 by train, the cultural impact it had on the Choctaw people and a certain Oklahoma community.

Respected by Her People

Respected by Her People is a documentary short that explores the political and community roles of women on the New Perce Reservation in Idaho.