Screening Category: 3P: Short Documentary Program 1

Why Do Navajo Men Have Long Hair?

One significant way that Navajo men and women celebrate our culture is by the way we wear and take care of our hair. To tribal individuals, hair is considered a core part of who we are as people and how our hair represents us and our ancestors. In this short film, listen to Navajo Cultural… Read more »


Bobbie Willson aka “DUES” is Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota before the journey of Creating the hit T.V. Show “FX Reservation Dogs”, & a founding member of the 1491s Indian Sketch Comedy Group he still stays connected to his original passion for Graffiti street art. Michael R.L. Begay’s Documentary follows street Artist Dues through his one-month residency in… Read more »

Little Shots of Horror

In a follow-up of sorts to his award-winning short film “Unboxed: The Art of Action Figure Photography”, Native American indie filmmaker and action figure photographer Mike J. Marin showcases and discusses some of his most iconic horror action figure photography shots in this unique short documentary.

Relentless: The MHA Nation’s Battle Against The Opioid Epidemic Part I

Relentless is a short documentary about the Mandan, Hidatsa, & Arikara Nations battle against the opioid epidemic on their reservation. Episode I, covers the tribal nations leadership approach to addressing this devastating issue within their boundaries in North Dakota.