Screening Category: 2p: Emerging Filmmakers

A variety of diverse indigenous short films that explore identity, music, suicide, candy and being two spirit.

Candyface II – A Rocky Road

The long awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed cult classic Candyface. Candyface and her gang of Candypunks rally together to try to defeat the Candyfather in an epic battle for street notoriety. The answer to who is the most powerful Candylord is finally revealed after an ultimate showdown & fight for reign.

Wal-aks: Coming Out as 2-Spirit

Wal-aks Keane talking about their identity as a two-spirit Nisga’a person and leading Nisga’a Cultural Dance Groups. They came out in 2004 and started identifying as two-spirit around 2014/2015.

A1-S2: Scene from Hamlet

Hamlet heads home after learning of his mother’s remarriage. Hamlet is re-imagined as a contemporary crime story, with a full-Native American cast.


A witch botches a spell that possesses her dog, making her try to undo it before something worse happens.

Chipisala’Cho (See You Later)

One night, twin brothers gather over a campfire and reminisce on their childhood and wonder if they made the right decisions in life.


Somewhere in the city, Mason lures his boyfriend Kelly off his seat to dance, leading them to create a happy memory. Jump forward to present day, Kelly is attending a late AA meeting while Mason is drinking at a party, elsewhere in the city. Mason receives a phone call with some distressing news. Back at… Read more »

No. 5

A man who is stuck in a depressive loop is awoken by the spirits of the past.