Screening Category: 2P: Shorts Program 3

The Feathered Girl

“A rage-revenge story” Months after the teenage girls of a Native American Tribe begin growing predatory, bird-like features following an uptick of violence against women in the area, a young woman’s sister is assaulted by a stranger. How far will she go down to hunt the man responsible when she has yet to undergo her… Read more »

Times 2

In this sci-fi office comedy, gossipy scientists discover time travel but are tangled in their own petty desires and a vicious chihuahua.

Extraordinary Protection

A modern – day horror comedy about the protection of Wakan Tanka (creator; Hunkpapa lakota) on the life of a humble spirited Indigenous woman who stumbles into battle with a dangerous, psycho serial killer. Set on location in Houston Texas, this film explores the idea of the supernatural, extraordinary protection of creator, on his people…. Read more »

A Hundred Years Thinking of You

An elderly widow decides to look for the love of her life whom she left at the alter many years ago.


Josh, a fresh Navajo graduate from Highschool is unsure with his life at the moment. He feels as if his existence was pointless. So Josh is set to find out if there is an answer to why he is feeling the big sad Vidaus apdailos darbai ir buto remontas Vilniuje konkurencinga kaina Bū

Outta Control

From ESSJ to NYC, the SBC travel across the country, representing dope lyrics and hyphy Bay Area Chicano swagger that pays homage to the birthplace and Mecca of Hip-Hop.


Connor’s suicide attempt is temporarily prevented by the arrival of his co-star from the regional theatre. Starring all Indigenous talent, this short film tackles the issue of Native American youth suicide contagions.

Landback, Waterback

Hawk, a Tongva youth in his native Los Angeles, is on a quest to get water from a special spring. But first, he must get his unknowing auntie to help.