Screening Category: 1P: Native Animation Films

When the Earth Began: The Way of the Skydwellers

Narrated completely in Kanien’kéha (Mohawk), Tsi Tiotonhontsatáhsawe is an animated version of the first part of the epic Haudenosaunee Creation Story, in which we learn the origins of Skywoman, and the forces at play leading up to her fall to earth.

Water Baby 2

A young relative is burdened by recurring dreams. She gets advice and is started on a path which revisits old legends and frightening truths.

Sleeping Bear

A mother bear and her two cubs escape one threat, only to be thrown into another. This retelling of an Odawa legend shows the love a mother has for her babies, at any cost.


The spirit is awaken as a Chinookan longhouse becomes the vehicle for spiritual healing

Feeling the Blanks

A young native boy frees a helpless eagle trapped in a snare, also freeing his mind with wonders, nightmares and dreams…

Things You Know But Cannot Explain

In this stop-motion animation short, using as its basis the artwork of Rick Bartow, we follow experimentally as one goes into reclaiming their identity and culture that long fell asleep within them, waiting for the moment to wake itself back up.

Speak Again

Three generations of Potawatomi share knowledge across time and space, redefining what it means to truly speak again. In “Braiding Sweetgrass,” Robin Wall Kimmerrer reflects on the loss of the Potawatomi language, and an experience at the Potawatomi Language Conference, when there were nine first-language speakers left at the time. Braiding Sweetgrass now has hundreds… Read more »