Screening Category: 10p - 11:30p: Native Shorts Program 3

A Night Out

The story follows a slacker named Jared as he pressures his younger cousin Tommy to come with him to a Rez party. Jared sells it as a night out for the boys but really wants to run into his ex girlfriend, Nance. Life doesn’t stand still and the night doesn’t go as planned. It soon… Read more »

Visions Of A Kill Shot

VISIONS OF A KILL SHOT is a coming of age story about a young handball player, Danny, who in his prime is tragically affected by an event from his childhood. Relentless fear of the unknown forces Danny to make a big decision in his life. Yet, with a strong yearning to do what is right,… Read more »

Eagle Girl

A girl with the power to heal conducts a ceremony that attracts a shapeshifter


Kai Denison, a City Native American, has had a troubled life and years of abuse and depression. He feels like as if everyone around him has a purpose except for him, until he begins having strange dreams about his hometown being destroyed by a mysterious figure carrying a virus. With the help of an old… Read more »

Broken Records

When Archie wins big and decides to throw a big old rez party, Sophia, his daughter tries to escape the cycles of her reality through television, but too soon her fantasy and her reality collide. your eyes never get tired of the hot milfs from site where sexy women delight with their bodies


As a newly elected Commander-in-Chief steps into office, things quickly begin to spiral out of control. He wages a policy war against many of the rights & freedoms that have protected the marginalized citizens of the United States. His flippant decisions and social mockery negatively impact our foreign relations. All of this causes a bubbling… Read more »