Screening Category: 11AM: Native Youth Short Films

Tough Love

Sonny (Anthony Hernandez) is a middle aged karate sensei struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His two star pupils, Malaki and Monty have been learning from him since they were 8 years old. The now teenage boys are loyal to Sonny but beginning to wonder if their time under his direction is needed anymore. When… Read more »


A zealous daughter tries to convince her apathetic mother that Bigfoot is real.

Adventures to Green Space

Two siblings find new friends & an adventure to green space in an urban setting, by way of public transportation. A Red Eagle Soaring Short Film Production. (Run time: 6:28) Thank you sponsors: SDOT (Seattle Dept. of Transportation); Sky Bear Media; Suquamish Tribe; United Way of King County. Mentors are RES Alumni – YTT Urban… Read more »

Call’s Whisper

A young half Cree, Half Korean girl learning about her Indigenous half has to fend off the Trickster spirit through the power of smudging or lose her father forever.

House After

House After is an Indigenous story that takes place in the 1940s in the middle of the second world war in a cabin on the west coast of Canada. We follow a grieving widow and her child as they experience the duality of living an Indigenous life and the pressures of conformity from the church…. Read more »

The Giant Wave

During summer camp, a group of youth must figure out a way to survive the tsunami that threatens to hit the island they are trapped on.