Screening Category: 10a: Short Documentaries 1

A collection of indigenous short documentary treasures.

Restoring Néške’emāne

Since the 19th century, Native American children were sent to boarding schools designed to “Kill the Indian… Save the Man”, destroying Tribal languages, cultural values, practices, and traditions through assimilation. In Oklahoma, generations of Natives were educated through the Concho Indian School from 1871 to 1984. The abandoned school buildings have remained for 40 years,… Read more »

The Lake Winnipeg Project- Matheson Island

This film shares the story of the Whiteways of Matheson Island, their devotion to a fishing lifestyle and the various challenges they experience, including issues related to health, government policy and the threatened future of the fishing industry.

The Unforgotten

Most Canadians hold their health care system in great reverence. Yet beneath the veneer of respectability lies a dark history that has largely remained untold; that in Canada health service has been used as a tool to buttress racist stereotypes, and repress and assimilate Indigenous people. In five interlocking vignettes that cover the stages of… Read more »

The Strength Of My Spirit

An Anishinaabe man’s journey to embracing his identity through the relationship with his hair.