Screening Category: 10a- 12pm: Natives in Animation Program

Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather is an animated, feature length, family friendly story about Elizabeth, a young American Indian girl, and her single father as they journey into the wilderness early one morning to search for her first ceremonial eagle feather. On their way home father and daughter find a wounded eagle and in an effort to rescue… Read more »

Cherokee Chief John Ross

The animated short of Cherokee Chief John Ross’s life.

Injunuity: The Source of the Wound

Using a unique blend of animation, music and real voices, The Source of the Wound explores the issue of historical trauma through the Native American boarding school experience. Featuring the voices of Helen Waukazoo (Navajo/Diné) and Ramona Beltran (Yaqui/Mexica).


Meowibu is a favorite local beach for surfers including a native American Chumash fisherman spirit. Surf’s up so two kittens called the tantum twins phone their friend, Hot Catter, to drive to Meowibu. Surfing is great, but then the Tantum Twins are ‘snaked’ by Drench. His favorite pass time is stealing waves from other surfers…. Read more »

Giant Bear

A timeless Inuit legend about a solitary man, a giant bear and their daunting foes: each other. Centered on a confrontation between the last monster bear and an Inuit hunter, Giant Bear is a chilling short that brings an ancient story out of the North. In Giant Bear, we follow a hunter in the depths… Read more »