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KaYaMenTa: Sharing Truths about Menopause

The documentary invites Indigenous women to share their experience and insight into “the change” and delves into sexuality, aging, spirituality and healing around menopause


Ochiskwacho is a sacred being, known to many Indigenous people as a spiritual messenger. Kokoom, an elderly (spiritually ailing) two-spirit woman has to decide whether to stay with her grandchildren or follow the Ochiskwacho.


NiiSoTeWak translates to “walking the path together”, and Cree traditional teachings claim that although identical twins are born with two separate bodies, they share only one heart. Through the eyes of spirited ten-year-old Inninewak (Cree) twin boys, Tapwewin (Speaking Truth) and Pawaken (Totem) explore and question the essence of their Being in relation to the… Read more »