Film Tag: Jay Cardinal Villeneuve

Holy Angels

On the outskirts of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, stands Holy Angels Residential School, an ominous brick building, built in 1874. Using Holy Angels as a backdrop, filmmaker Jay Cardinal Villeneuve takes us on a healing journey that combines the stories of Elder Lena Wandering Spirit and the dance of Phoenix, a young girl who is the… Read more »

Hickey Gone Wrong

OH NO! Grant has his first official Fort Smith, NWT, Hickey and he doesn’t want his parents to find out. Join us as we follow him through this passage of warriorhood as the town pitches in to offer in sage advice in the ways of ‘the passion bruise.’ Based on Richard Van Camp’s story, ‘Hickey… Read more »

Is That One of Your Jokes

A farcical examination of comedian Mark Buffalo, a pathetic stand-up comic fallen on hard times who riffs on the struggles of being a joke maker on tour coupled with the hellish relationship with his estranged ex-wife and current manager, all while being followed by a documentary film crew; much to his chagrin.