Film Tag: Isaac Trimble

Blue Flamez – To The Sky

Native Hip Hop Artist From Warm Springs Oregon Scott Kalama aka Blue Flamez and Team Kaos aka Levi Kalama, YL aka Andy Fuentes, and Yamio 263 aka Kevin Winkle created a post apocalyptic type music video with “To the Sky” Directed by LaRonn Katchia and Isaac Trimble. To the sky from the album “Rez Star“… Read more »

So Precious

Narrative music video for Kunu Bearchum aka Stryk-9 song “So Precious”

Missing Indigenous

Set in a rural reservation town, Missing Indigenous begins as two detectives, played by Solomon Trimble (Sam Uley of Twilight), and Isaac Trimble (Producer) investigate the homicide of a young woman marked with a killer’s deadly signature. With the assistance of entomologist Brett Rivers, played by actor David Velarde, the detectives soon realize Brett may… Read more »