2nd Annual Native American Writers Room

The Native Writers Room is a project of the Barcid Foundation with the advanced goal of giving emerging Native American writers the opportunity to work in an all Native American writers room. The Barcid Foundation has been awarded a grant from Pop Culture Collaborative to execute the project and create a new platform for Native American writers. This projects goals and work aligns with the Collaborative’s focus as it will disrupt the norms of media perceptions with new ideas, new stories and the development of new voices from the Native American community.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to break new ground, provide new opportunities and offer the authentic voice of Native America. It’s a rare experience to work with Native writers on a Native television series produced by a Native production company. It’s an honor for us to work with Pop Culture Collaborative and the many talented Native Americans who are providing a unique voice in the media landscape,” – Patricia Gomes, Executive Director

This is our second year partnering with Pop Culture Collaborative. The Native Writers Room brings together a collection of experienced Native American television writers to foster a new and genuine approach to portraying Native Americans in media. The  Native Writers Room aims to explore new topics in the Native American arena such as abuse on tribal lands, our role in urban environments and exploring the rights of indigenous women. The Native Writers Room will serve as a pipeline for Native American writers to develop their craft in a unique setting and advance their careers with new material that can be included in their overall writing portfolio.

The Native Writers Room seeks to address the lack of genuine Native American representation and voice in television writers rooms and overall media. This project will create an opportunity for alumni of Barcid’s Native American TV Writers Lab to be hired as writers and producers on current series; develop an episodic series concept, storyworld, and character universe; write an episode of content in the series; and experience a creative process anchored by an all-Native writers room.



The Barcid Foundation is a nonprofit media arts organization founded by writer-producer Ian Skorodin to foster understanding of the culture, traditions, and issues of Native Americans. With the goal of creating a genuine and mutually beneficial relationship between the Native American community and the entertainment industry, Barcid offers Native writers the training, resources, and access necessary to forge relationships and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. This includes introductions to creative executives, diversity departments, and inclusion initiatives that can create opportunity for Native artists.