Joran Fox (Three Affiliated Mandan, Hidatsa, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation)

Joran Fox was born on the Great Plains of America in 1977. Attending most of grade school through high school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota while Ickgah (his Mother). Joran discovered comic books and immediately wanted to make his own comic. Drawing every day. Upon graduation Mr Fox spent a year slanging pizza before attending the University of South Dakota as an Art Major. Later attending  United Tribes College for Graphic Design. During this time Mr. began making digital comics both drawn and mixed media by learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. Access to some canon GL2s digital camcorders allowed Joran to work with Final Cut Pro.After graduating Mr. Fox worked in print shops, then advertising agencies for a few years around Bismarck, ND. Eventually going free lance. Joran began developing various comic concepts. But living in the middle of nowhere doesn’t present much opportunity for creative projects like comic books, film or animations. But this didn’t stop Mr. Fox from continuing development and refinement of his comic properties. Joran currently works with the The Three Affiliated Tribes, MHA Nation – Four Bears Segment in the Public Relations Office & Print Services.