JohnTom Knight

JohnTom Knight is a proud member of the Cherokee Nation and was born at the Claremore Indian Hospital in Claremore, Oklahoma. More recently, he was selected as a fellow and participated in LA Skins Fest’s 2nd Annual Native American Animation Lab. Through this, he was able to meet and pitch an original series concept to executives at Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures Animation, and Kung Fu Monkey Productions. His number one priority when writing anything is making sure it’s fun as Hell! In 2019, JohnTom was selected as a finalist for the Walt Disney Writing Program. Following this, he served as a production intern with [adult swim] where he was able to work on Squidbillies, 12 Oz. Mouse, Williams Street Swap Shop, and more. During his time at [adult swim], JohnTom wrote and created a number of original animated shorts that aired on [adult swim] streams. Fast forward to today, JohnTom works full time in the video game industry. You may also find him playing chess online or staring at the price of Ethereum.