Emma Barrow

  • Sugar on the surface, strong on the inside, Emma finds a dance floor
    everywhere… even the grocery store aisle. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Emma moved to Los Angeles for college where she attended California Institute of the arts and received her BFA in Acting. She’s been writing since she was small: first picture books then short stories, plays, sketch comedy and more recently a sitcom pilot and a feature film. After college Emma started taking improv and sketch writing classes at Upright Citizens Brigade and in 2019 she wrote, produced, directed and acted in a short film called Cover Me. She is currently in the process of submitting it to film festivals. While her love for Los Angeles is deep she realized she needed a kick in the butt in the way that only New York can deliver. With that realization she and her
    fiancé packed up their lives and moved themselves and their two cats, Egg and Lil Sir, to Brooklyn where they have been living since September.