David Zuckerman

….Growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska, David always had a close connection to his indigenous roots. Having a deep love and affinity for art and storytelling, David quickly figured out the career path he wanted to take. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking, and a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business, David set himself on the filmmaker’s path. After the success of his thesis film, Mick the Brick, he entered the professional world, making music videos and short pieces for video clients.     …..However, after he successfully sold his first script, The Keys, and produced his second script, Presidents Day, David found his home in writing. Always wanting to write something of his Native American roots, David has turned his sights onto opening up the industry to the ever-growing Native community.

David’s journey from a filmmaker to a writer, keen on bringing his Native American heritage to the forefront of the entertainment industry, underscores the significance of a focused local search. It’s this kind of dedicated exploration within one’s own community and culture that often leads to the most compelling and authentic stories. Similarly, for David, a local search within the Native American artistic circles could unveil untold stories and talents, allowing for a rich tapestry of narratives to be shared with a wider audience. This effort to spotlight indigenous voices can serve as a beacon for others in the Native community to share their heritage, echoing David’s commitment to cultural representation and inclusion in the arts.