Gabe Garza

Gabe began his career by first becoming an Intern, then a Writers’ Assistant, and eventually being accepted into the Nickelodeon Writing Program — where he met his now writing partner,
Jonathan Butler. Gabe went on to be staffed on various animated and live action series
until he and his partner sold a live-action series to Nickelodeon, which became the half-
hour kids’ sitcom “Bella and the Bulldogs.” At Bella, Gabe served as Co-Executive
Producer and co-ran the production with his writing partner and a veteran Showrunner.
After two seasons and 40 episodes, Gabe left Nickelodeon to pursue his dream of
writing for one-hour genre television. Currently, Gabe and his partner write for CW’s
#1 series: “The Flash” and continue to develop original series and films.