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The 8th Annual LA SKINS MUSIC FEST took place August 4th, 2018 at Sycamore Grove Park in Los Angeles. The music fest featured rock, jazz, pop and blues. Hosted by the multi-talented Jim Ruel. This year’s performers were: ETHAN STONE, GRIMLY, LACAT, SYNAPSE & RENISHA CLARA, KOBE PROVOST, TASH and CAROLINA HOYOS. Thank you Native musicians… Read more »

Ethan Stone

Choctaw actor/musician Ethan Stone is excited to perform at LA Skins Music Festival! Musically, Ethan is best known as the front man of the folk rock group Sampson & Stone. In addition to singing, Ethan plays guitar and drums and is a passionate song writer and activist. Ethan has worked as a professional guitar player… Read more »