The Runner

The Runner

Duration 20:00 min.
Country United States

The Runner short is a proof of concept, based on a feature film written by Simon Balderas, a Native American Filmmaker based in Ventura, California.

Muri Rara is a reclusive runner who is past his prime. His quiet and solitary life has become a reflection of the city’s forgotten past. He spends his time creating elaborate and surreal sculptures as an escape from the dilapidated world that surrounds him and caring for the city’s stray dogs and cats. Although Muri is a talented runner, he has never pursued the sport in any competitive way. His purist approach to living a simple and purposeful life extends into the very core of who he is. His routine is abruptly broken when his life collides with Debra, an alcoholic neighbor and her daughter, Leigh who have been on the run from an abusive man. When Leigh is abandoned, Muri must decide whether to run the race of his life and become Leigh’s caretaker. This glimpse into the lives of the

unseen who live on the fringe of society, along with its many outcasts, is a journey into the center of the human heart where hopes and dreams are born into the light of day.

"Muri" Mauricio Gomez Amoretti
"Debra" Kelly Lou Dennis
"Leigh" Venice Wong
Director Simon Balderas
Producer Simon Balderas, Lori Balderas
Writer Simon Balderas
Executive Producer Buffy Castillo