The Feathered Girl

The Feathered Girl

Duration 6:37 min.
Country United States

“A rage-revenge story”

Months after the teenage girls of a Native American Tribe begin growing predatory, bird-like features following an uptick of violence against women in the area, a young woman’s sister is assaulted by a stranger. How far will she go down to hunt the man responsible when she has yet to undergo her own transformation?

THE FEATHERED GIRL was commissioned by the First Peoples Fund as a part of the “We The Peoples Before” celebration at the John F. Kennedy Center in the Summer of 2022. The film was written by and stars Madeline Easley, an enrolled member of the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma.

Key Cast Madeline Easley
Key Cast Luke Lowrance
Key Cast Matt Cubillos
Director Nyssa Grant
Producer Outaline Productions, Madeline Easley
Writer Madeline Easley